Monkey Kills a Baby in India.

Monkey Killed a Child in India

India, a country where humans and animals live so close together saw a terrifying incident as a baby was killed while a monkey grabbed the child from his mother, on November 13th.

The most depressing fact is that the child was only 12 days old when the incident happened.
This sad episode happened in Uttar Pradesh, a northern state in India. Local sources say that the baby was snatched from his mother's lap on Monday.

Neighbours rushed to the scene soon after hearing the scream of the baby's mother, they chased and threw stones on the monkey which forced it to drop the baby on the neighbour's terrace.
Unfortunately, the baby was dead by the time people found him. Later, reports show that the monkey had bitten on the face of the baby.

Monkey attacks in India are not uncommon. Even though there are several protests against these types of incidents there is nothing much to be done, other than to keep themselves and their belongings safe.